Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dizzy Gillespie

I had a cool happening this week, aside from no power and finals being canceled. My music 420 class, the History of Jazz, has really sparked my interest in jazz music. I have been listening to it like crazy and trying to digest the facts and lives of the crazy people that made this stuff. I went to the public library here in the good little apple, and checked out the autobiography of Dizzy Gillespie, who along with Charlie Parker, was the creator of bebop, the most technical and taxing kind of jazz music, and my favorite.
When I got home with the book, I looked on Amazon to see if I should just order it as it is a rather lengthy read. The cheapest hardcover copy on Amazon was about 100 dollars as was ebay. Apparently they only printed the book one time and now it was a rarity, I found it on for $325! So what do I do blogosphere? Do I keep the book and pay the $15 library fee, sell it and make money? Or do I keep it to have a book like that in my collection? Or do I read it and return it (even though I'm scared to read it now)


Aaron and Page said...

DO THE RIGHT THING MARK...............keep it.

Dave Powers said...

it looks like you haven't posted anything in a long while either.

love you brother.