Thursday, May 1, 2008

lowell jack

Lowell Jack


Family background- had a sister and a brother and they were still in the public school I was the oldest.

Officer training- Naval ROTC,

That’s been almost 60 years ago, Phyllis laughs… well I liked him very much I liked his personality, I just liked him… I knew one of the men that he was working with, so he brought Lowell out to the weather beaura where I was working. He wanted to come out and meett bill muldoon,

Life after the war- difficult to get into college because they had all the students they could handle. I was able to enroll at the university of Iowa. Had completed one semester at Idaho, for ROTC, got pnemonia at u of iowa, went to California to get better from pnemonia, really wanted to do something so I went to Pasadena institute for radio trade school to learn how to be a broadcaster, one of my instructors was steve allen, graduated from there and went back to iowa and apllied for a job at Burlington 35 miles from my home and got the job as an announcer there for 3 years, went to run perry studios of the boone iowa station kwbg

she was working at the burlingtn iowa airport at the weather bearau
Kbur Burlington iowa did a noon broadcast from the weather beruar read five mintues of weather and the forecast.
One day I was the announcer on duty, and I introduced, we would call ahead of time to see who was going to radio, mr maldune. And it was phyliss ive got to go meet that mr maldune she has such a nice voice
3 months

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