Tuesday, December 11, 2007


What a bizarre and cold weekend. I am sitting at the kitchen table of a friend, as I have no power or cable at my house, along with one million other people in the Midwest. I got tired of studying and checked CNN, and found updates of the Colorado shootings. Beckah and I have a friend who was close to one of the YWAM victims and who flew out to Denver on Monday, forced to miss her finals. The whole situation is tragic and heartbreaking. I searched the web and found this link, a very dark chronicle of the shooters blog postings. This type of reading can only be done in humility and prayer, but illustrates his progression of thinking. Maranatha Lord Jesus.


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rachel rianne said...

the dad of a friend i worked with this summer was shot in colo springs.
and a few friends of a friend of mine died in that shooting also.
it's heavy to realize that that stuff happens to people so close to us.
it makes this life seem a little more darkened by sin.
i'm glad that i know that you also know someone connected with it... it's comforting that i'm not the only one around here.

hey mark,
it's rachel bain.
thought i'd say hi.