Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What I have been Learning

After awhile, and much more often than I do, a person needs to sit down and think about what they have been learning in life. What have the books, the conversations, the teachings, the lyrics, the situations, been telling you? I sat down today at the local Panera, exhausted with filling my mind with information, and came up with a list of several subjects that have been showing up over and over again.

1. The church as a body of subversive peoples. Tim Keel made a great point of this in a sermon that he preached a while back when Jacob's Well was doing a series on Empire. Jesus offered a higher, better, alternative to the stories of his day.

2. Shift from a modern culture to a post modern culture.

3. The importance of justice in the Scriptures and in the lives of Christians

Just a quick overview for posterity.


aaron said...

how is that radiohead record?

greg said...

hey brother. apologies for not callin ya this week. im up at dunn bros studying at my usual table right now, wish you were here man. hope to see ya soon.

aaron said...

Hey Mark - yeah I didn't get an email. The best way is one of the following:

I just finished chapter two. I hope to finish the book by the end of the week. Let's talk next week. If you're in town great, if not let's start over the email :)