Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Saving Nature of God

Sometimes the smallest bite sizes of hope are the things that you need. The things that remind you that all of life is sacred, and that everything we do matters. The amazing thing is that I don't think God finds these types of things to little to deal with.

Several weeks ago, while in the middle of an episode of the Office, my computer flickered and died. Never to turn on without the power chord attached again. For those of you with macs and an x through the battery icon on your screen, you feel my pain. The tech guy said that an x through a battery means that battery will never recover, and since my warranty has expired I will need to purchase another one.

Rebekah, my fiance, and I have been wrestling lately with the freedom and difficulties of living on less and giving more away. We recently made a concrete step to give away a paycheck to those who we knew needed it more.

The day that we took this concrete step, I unplugged my power adapter to move my computer to the living room. When in said livingroom, the x on my battery disappeared, the light on my charger turned red, and it's like a brand new battery.

Praise be to God who promises to give good things to those who are obedient to Him. Nothing is too small for his tender care

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aaron said...

Those are sacred moments. I'm glad God gave you the grace in having eyes to see it.