Friday, February 13, 2009


I am going through a pretty rough period here in life at the moment.
The honest truth is that I feel like a lot of my good friends and my wife
are plugging towards this good goal of graduation and the workworld while I
am still taking pointless classes with no real direction or course for when I graduate.
I am not sure that I really want to be a journalist, thinking maybe I should have
majored in education, etc etc... I just have a lot of fear and doubt. And its paralyzing and is really getting to me.

Perfect love casts out all fear John says in the Scriptures.
How I long to claim that.

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rachel rianne said...

regardless of whether or not other people have more direction that you do, i'm pretty sure that you work harder on writing well and writing things of substance than i probably ever have on an most all of my projects or assignments thus far in school. probably more than a lot of people work in college.

you can always get a masters in education.
don't worry.
i think living step by step can prove to be a faithful lifestyle.