Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just got this letter in the mail and thought that the awesomeness of it must be shared. There are great things going on here in such little space.
First, who gives a rats behind about free turkey? We are talking about thousands of dollars here, and free turkeys are the payoff? Don't most car places give away like flat screens and stuff? Free turkey? Has all of the marketing department caught tremedndous Thanksgiving fever?
Second, what economy are these people living under? Their lenders have billions of dollars to lend!? That is outrageous! The government doesnt even have billions anymore. It must be on a different planet than the one I am living on because where I am from, all major economies are in a recession, and most emerging economies do not have billions of dollars to lend. Is China their lender?


rachel rianne said...

I guess if there's anything we should spend our little money on during this season it needs to be on a Japanese car for the sake of a free turkey and more debt.

Worth the Risk said...

Once you take that turkey off the lot, it starts depreciating...

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