Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I am becoming much more disciplined in life, and it is making me very happy and content. I am getting up before 7 and going to bed before midnight, and I am much more productice and focused and joyful.I am studying God's Word again, and suddenly, without even acknowledging it, all the things that I fight in my body are not appealing anymore. What a joy it is to be overtaken by Christ and His grace and resurrection.
I used to be very frusturated with the idea of routine, but a good and disciplined routine is a brilliant and life changing thing.

Start getting up early to study scripture and the words and life of Jesus.
Stop trying to be saved FROM sin, and focus on being saved TO the grace and love and peace that Christ will bring when we are immersed in him.




greg said...

word man. im excited to study the word with you this summer. routine and going to bed early are good things. however sometime there are factors inhibiting you from getting in this routine. im pretty sure you know what (who) im talking about. ha. enjoy your last few weeks of school.

beckster said...

hey love.
this is brilliant
i am finally starting to live this out. it took a long time, but it's beautiful