Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am a person whose mood is controlled by the weather (like everyone to an extent.) I have been having very good moods lately, (except for monday) as the weather in Kansas has been rather exceptional. Yesterday Beckah and I had a picnic in the park, and saw small dogs, and small children, and small birds, and small squirrels, and a big man. I was reminded of the newness that Spring Brings, even the Robins had spring in their' step. So i implore you to step outside today, and enjoy this amazing weather. One of my favorite things to do, is go up to the coffeeshops patio around 6 in the evening, when the sun isn't blinding, but the wind is soothing, and read, and watch people pass by on the street, and imagine that I will be here forever. There are few things that I would rather be doing.

Brian McLarens latest book, The Secret Message of Jesus is quite enlightening. I would recommend it.


beckster said...

I love your writing

aaron said...

I hear you man. I'm depressed most of the time in the winter (even though I love it). Love the Spring!

Hey would you be interested in playing with me Sunday morning for youth groups at Hillcrest?