Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Soviet Lyrics

God is love and love is real,
But the dead are dancing with the dead
And though all that's charming disappears
All things lovely only hurt my head
As I gather stones from fields,
Like pearls of water on my fingers' ends and wrap them up in bones,
Safe from windows,
From things that break,
As the night-time shined like day,
It saw my sorry face,
Hair a mess but it liked me best that way
(Besides, how else could I confess?
When I looked down like if to pray,
Well, I was looking down her dress...)

Good God, Please!
Catch for us the foxes in the vineyard - the little foxes

Turn your ear, musician, to silence because they only come out when it's quiet
Their tails brushing over your eyelids
Wake up, sleeper, and rise from the dead!
Or the fur that they shed will cover your bed in a delicate,
orange-ish cinnamon red
Ah, I don't need this!
I have my loves, I have my doubts,
I don't need this.

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lindsay said...

mewithoutyouski. love.

i can comment because i signed up for one of these (not for the purpose of any sort of personal blog however so dont be too excited). yaaaaah.