Friday, February 23, 2007


Many students lack disrection and discernment. They are vital skills for all of life, but will never be more so than when you are being talked to specifically for the purpose of learning. I have noticed that many many people in my classes just blindly accept what they are being taught.

He taps on the board three times
dont discern, just learn
these men love you, the want to help you
but you must convert to their minds.
In the end where has all your money gone?
you have put it in your head and set it on fire.
Like the sun it burns bright and then descends into nothing.
All you need is to make the grade, have a good time
until you really start living
But you've already taught yourself
so you never really will.
you give your life away for years
but never really learn
You are a poor little sheep, being led by the wolf.

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Rebekah Buescher said...


i see this so often. what scares me is when i see it in myself.