Monday, February 5, 2007

one thing that i noticed yesterday during the superbowl that is rather obvious is the extreme amount of advertising that beer companies purchase. i have always been a little bothered by this, but everyone else seems to love their commercials so i just kind of play along. however the thing snapped when i was driving back to manhattan last night. i saw an advertisement for budweiser (via billboard), followed closely by a ford mustang billboard.

does something seem wrong with that picture? we wonder why so many people drink and drive, why do we help the idiots think its okay? the thing that makes me the most angry about all of this is that tobacco companies are not allowed to advertise. since when did someone getting in his car and lighting a cigarette cost anyone their lives? why is society so inconsistent with thing?


bad diary days said...

you just love cigarettes.

Rebekah Ann said...

unbelievable. i wish you could put that in a newspaper
front page.

greg said...

one time i was smoking a cigarette as i was merging into traffic and the cherry fell between my legs. that could have easily ended in tragedy.

beckster said...

your picture is so cute i can't even focus on your words
o my
can we go out....
or be together forever?

Jorge said...

It's a good observation.

I'm sure it wasn't done intentionally, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it conveys a message.

A lot of the time people are so busy doing things they think they SHOULD be doing, they don't pay attention to things they inadvertently suggest.