Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mystery and History

I just went and saw the Dead Sea Scrolls, which was neat. It is remarkable to me how my mind can be brought back to the second century upon sight of a few artifacts and writing and how a Jewish guy was writing them just like I am writing now. What if someone prints this post and then it is found 2000 years from now. Weird phenomenon. However sweet the scrolls were, my favorite parts were a 3rd century book of Josephus' complete works in a beautiful bound book. the other best parts were several coins from the first and second centuries. My favorite part was a page out of the original Gutenburg Bible. He was the inventor of the printing press, and this Bible was much more revolutionary than the Dead Sea Scrolls. I was really fascinated by that single page. There were a Bible from William Tyndale, and Martin Luther. Anyway the holiness and mystery surrounding all of those things was remarkable.

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