Thursday, January 11, 2007


Children of Men

I just saw the movie children of men, arguably the most intense film that I have ever seen in my life. It had what I considered to be some pretty innovative cinematography, causing the viewer to literally feel that he or she was admist the screams and the blood of war. While the violence didn’t necessarily take me by surprise, the reaction of the audience certainly did. During the height of the climax (the climax of the climax) I looked around to see how people were taking all of this in. Most people had looks of shock and unbelief on their face which if you see the movie you will not doubt. However, I expected this. Let me tell you what I did not expect.

It seems that people generally realize when something that they are watching is disturbing or shocking, as was evidenced by the people sitting around me. The thing that took me by complete surprise was the reaction once the movie ended; the people in unison got up and walked out immediately after the ending scene. I figured that the movie was so intense it would cause people to sit in their chairs for at least a minute after the film had ended, to make sure that they processed what they had just seen. However, there was no such time given to such disturbing images. It was as if this was nothing new and life goes on as it has before we stepped into the theater. I really found it hard to believe that no one would feel it necessary to try and make sense out of what they had just seen. There was absolutely no reflection time to be found after the movie. I am bothered by this. Are we not effected by anything anymore?!?! What can possibly make us slow down?!?! I am baffled, and also saddened. This small event was such an eye opener for me at the state of many hearts and minds. We are so numb. We just need more and more and more stimulation, and nothing that we get causes us to stop even for a second to think.


Christian said...

Hello fine sir (and I do mean FINE). Glad to see you up and blogging. Also good to see you at church the other day. I'm excited to read your stuff. Stay broke. Blessed are the poor, ya know?

bad diary days said...

welcome to blogspot. it is wonderful living next to you.