Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh to be Young

Beckah and I were able to go to big ol Haiawatha Kansas this weekend to experience snow, camp food, and middle schoolers. We went down with a guy from MCC who had asked me to do the singing portion of the camp. Despite the bad weather and the small town, we had 22 kids show up ranging in ages from 13 to 19. People told us that there are usually about 70 kids there but considering the weather we were all pleasently surprised. Besides cabin fever (there were only two buildings) and the horrid sleeping conditions, we managed to make it out alive. It gave me a very interesting perspective on the lives of small town kids, and into the Christian camp stuff. I will write more about it later.

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bad diary days said...

you were in my room when you wrote this. then you left. that should not have happened.