Sunday, April 26, 2009

The World and its prognostications

I love trends, watching how complex social and cultural factors interact to make some new craze. I loved Malcom's Gladwell's Tipping Point and although I am usually a bit behind (I have never even seen a 'Twitter box') I like to try and keep up on things.
That said, this months edition of Foreign Policy has a segment titled "The Long Legs of the Crash, 13 Unexpected Consequences of the Crash," and I would like to share them. Some of them are quite insightful.
1. Your government will get smarter- more people will apply for stable government jobs, increasing the potential of the bueraucracy
2. and more corrupt...
3. Grey skies are going to clear up
4. The internet is about to get a lot more $@^&ing annoying- newspapers are looking for much needed ad revenue to stay alive. expect a lot more flashing pop ups and flabby stomachs that come out of nowhere on your screen
5. Glory days for evangelicals- bad times always mean a boon in church attendence
6. Your kids will be savers-
7. Skirts will get longer-there is correlation between bad economic times and more moderate dress
8. Your military just got bigger- militaries offer stable salaries and benefits for younger people
9. State schools will be cool- loans and endowments are shrinking big time
10. Boomers will refuse to leave the building- a whole lot of baby boomers who planned to retire simply can't now. Many have lost literally 3/4ths of their entire pensions/IRA/401(k) you get it
11. The world is no longer flat- and fewer people will care
12. Great Depression lit will be chic
13. (I am skipping the last one, its boring)

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greg said...

im thanking God that I have a Mac in these Tough Economic Times, or TEM as I call it. I think I average only 1 or 2 pop-ups a week.