Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yes. To this.

Today has brought me an unspeakable amount of yes and awesome, ubiquitous joy in my soul. I have found the most potentially life-changing combination of delicacies that are to be found on this great earth.
May I present to you:

This is a winner. (like Fred's slacks) Perhaps the best cup of coffee that I have ever drank. And I am not one to stir sensationalism. This coffee has the deepest, most intense full body that I have ever had. And I was awed and stupified. I had the Kenyan version, can't decide if I want to try the Papua New Guinea kind. Probably will. Please, do yourself a favor and go to Caribou and pick these babies up. I cannot tell you how deadly this combination is.

Kenya Obsidian Excursions: Kenya gives Obsidian its hallmark silky, smooth body. Roasted to dark perfection on its own, Kenya exhibits bittersweet chocolate flavors with hints of blackberry and currant spice that mingle through a velvety body.

Papua New Guinea Obsidian Excursions: Papua New Guinea accentuates the berry flavors and fruity high notes of Obsidian. This coffee exhibits beautiful herbal notes suggesting delicate floral and high fruit flavors. All delivered with a buttery creaminess that will leave you wanting more of this dark-roasted beauty.

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