Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You may or may not have seen this yesterday but it really made me smile and also marvel at the creativity and abilities God has given us. It really is amazing.

Heather McNamara the cutest 7 year old you've ever seen had a baseball sized tumor that was in her stomach and was threatening her life. Tomoaki Kato, the lead surgeon on the team had to remove six vital organs - the stomach, pancrea, spleen, liver and small and large transplantations- and chill them so that the tumor could be removed. Kato said that the surgery was so risky that the girls father was prepped to be a live organ donor in case the girls liver couldn't be salvaged. Kato's team fashioned a pouch from intestinal tissue to hold food before it moves into the small intestine. The surgery took 23 hours and Kato was so exhausted after the surgery that he collapsed on a couch and slept for 6 hours.

Heather said she's feeling fine and can't wait to get home. She's missing her sister, Stephanie, 10, and a Pomeranian named Angel.

"I love to play with my dog," she said.

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Palscience said...

I was really amzed when I heard about the story. Great work doctors.