Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Week.

Well it has been a very busy week since my last post, namely because of the last post. We had a 111 question test yesterday after only 3 days of class. Tell me how that works. The class is great but there is far too much to summarize. What I have found really interesting is not so much jazz per se, but just that time period. There were over 200 clubs in Kansas City at the time. Tom Pendergast, the "boss" of Kansas City had turned it into basically a huge organized crime factory. At the heydey of his rule, over 60 policemen in the force were ex-convicts. How weird and scary is that? But just to picture the time period of dance halls, big Cadillac's and pretty girls all in black and white. I don't know, it's just a cool thought.

On another note, I played dominos for the first time in my adult life yesterday and that is a very fun game. I love how simple it is, you don't really have to think all that much, but there is still strategy and competitiveness. Kind of a funny story about that- my aunt and uncle brought from Salina my Grandma who is from Texas down to see us several days ago and as they were leaving, my aunt held up this disc looking thing that she had found in her car. None of us had a clue as to what it was. I'd never seen it in my life. Well so when we played domino's my friend took that same looking disc thing out of the box. It is to "house" the dominos so that they have a kind of path. How weird is that? I need to call my aunt and tell her I figured it out. Also have been playing a bit of backgammon. Can never go wrong with such activities.

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