Monday, October 6, 2008

Who Cares Where Spain Is?

Good article last week in Newsweek. Instead of focusing on hypothetical future situations, ask the candidates what they've learned from Bush's Iraq and "War on Terror", Kennedy's Russia, H.W's Iraq invasion, Carter's Iran. There was no way these situations could have been dreamed of during their presidential debates. Let's ask the candidates the lessons of these historical crises, not some potential situation now.

The debates shouldn't be a chance to play gotcha. What the cadidates know about the world is less impiortant than how they think about it.
What we should really be interested in is the candidates respective philosophies of foreign policy- their thinking about this country's objectives in the world and how the United States should go about translating them into reality. T

In this vein, I gained some respect for Biden during last weeks only VP debate when he did not correct Palin's name drop of the commander in Afghanistan. She cited the rebellious civil war general McClellan, rather than McKiernan. Thanks Joe. Sarah, you been reading up on Lincoln and the Yanks?

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Homeless guy with a computer said...

ha i'm sure biden would have he just didnt realize she screwd up.