Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Three Muskateers

RARRRRRRR!!! (siren sound) Yes, I had been going down a one way street on campus, but that is the beauty of a motorcycle. There were at least 20 cars at the stop sign. It would have taken forever. "License and Registration..."


Oh, okay, another officer. Hello there, you need backup for a one way violater huh?

A THIRD car?!!?!? Now this is just too much. No wonder tuition keeps increasing every year. My goodness. I was evading a stop sign and went down an alley that was one way. Three cop cars? Give me a break. I wonder how many would have come if I had parked in an illegal spot. Four maybe?


Dustin said...

haha that sucks dude

homelss man with a computer said...

its to let you know that they care.

goodnightrose said...

you should have out run those mofreakers!!!! you're cruisin on the Magna now baby!! ha.