Thursday, September 18, 2008

I hate stratego


So I guess you can only play 25 free games on Metaforge before you have to pay 35 bucks. What a rip. I made a new email and some weird person saw that I was using the same ip address and booted me. So now I am telling everyone to boycot Metaforge (evil chuckle) I'll get them yet....!!!!!!! (Idiots)


goodnightrose said...

i just think its great that you played enough games to find that out.

Anonymous said...

google" gravon "its a european strategosite,its free.
That idiot that booted you calls lightwing "admin"17 year old nerd hahaha they bootted me several times but i got a dynamic ip lol
greetings from belgium

Wink lady said...

Metaforge is laaaaame. I got kicked for doing the same thing. They really think we play their games out of enjoyment like WOW or something. No. We only play them b/c they're free and we're bored.