Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am taking several philosophy classes this fall at KSU, but the one that I am looking forward to the most is Social and Political Philosophy. I have heard that my instructor (above) is a socialist but that will make for all the more interesting coversations right? The syllabus defines the two big questions that we will be looking at:
1. Are there universally valid moral and political principles that can be rationally justified to all of humanity- principles that define what counts as justice for all peoples of the world.
2. When, if ever, is a societ justified in imposing an understanding of universal values on othersd. What kind of equality and freedoms are rooted in human nature and are essential for progress? For example, how did John Stuart miMill classic difense of individualism justify British coloniolism in Africa and India.

In the final four weeks of the course we are going to be looking at an important political power that has existed throughout the modern period: the power of empire.
I'm excited for this course and think it will have many Christian and missional implications.


goodnightrose said...

wow, those are some big questions. i wish i could sit in on some of your lectures. ill be interested to see how the semester goes.

goodevening/goodnight said...

that sounds great. i wish i was in that class, very heated (but good) debates are in store for you my friend.