Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The duck that could have been a trophy.

My beloved dog just turned 13. He is getting very old. A story to illustrate.
I know that dogs are very domesticated, but Boomer is a little different. He has lived outside his whole entire life, and so one would think that he would still have a little call of the wild in him. All thoughts of this nature were decimated this afternoon.

My neighbor has a pool that is so disgusting two ducks live in it. One duck came over into my yard today about 20 feet away from where Boomer was chewing on his new rawhide. Boomer saw the duck and continued to chomp happily on his rawhide. What in the world? How often does a dog have a chance to catch a duck in his own backyard? Boomer, you really blew it man. You could have made it into a nice down pillow for your dog house. What were you thinking?

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