Thursday, January 11, 2007


It’s weird coming home from college break and actually feeling the need to be responsible. T.J. and I were discussing the fact that we feel incredibly lazy not doing much in these past 3 weeks. This would certainly not have been the case a mere one or two years ago. I knew that the inevitable adulthood was fast upon me when I started to consider any time after 9 pm to be early afternoon, which also started to make me rethink my sleeping patters. As a result I now feel worthless when I get up after 9.

All this is to say that I have had time to sit down and think about life long term, where I want to be, with who I want to be with, and who I want to be. I think that next year I will pursue a degree in mass communications and journalism, while stopping most likely to attend a small college out in Boston that specializes in music. I would also really like to apply for an internship at Relevant Magazine for the summer. I also envision myself married to Rebekah and it throws a whole other layer into the equation. So at some point I’d like to be involved in church music, along with writing for zines and doing some freelance stuff. We will see really what happens. I am excited as today it just kind of hit me that no one else can live my life for me. It seems odd to me, and probably you alike that my life is not my parents life.

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